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Monday, December 19

First Time Lesbians

My First Time With A Girl
Confessions on a lesbian initiation

Mary was the first one of us to get a boyfriend, and Kim and I were so happy for her! But, after about two weeks, we were ready to strangle her. See, Kim and I have never had a boyfriend, and both her parents and mine are really, really strict. I have an older sister, and my dad didn't even want to let her have a date take her to the prom. I guess the word got out because even though I think I'm a young sexy girl—even if I'm just a little flat-chested—I could probably have a boyfriend. And Kim, she's really a cutie, but her parents have a really tight curfew on her, and even on Fridays and Saturdays when we want to go to the movies we have to see something starting before 10 o'clock. It's so unfair! That's why we were all so happy when Mary hooked up. We were so anxious to hear everything about it that we couldn't hang out together enough. But pretty soon, I guess we got jealous, because we could hardly stand to hear about it any more. I know that's kinda rude, but it's the way we were feeling. Then last weekend, after Mary had left to go out mini-golfing with Chris, we really both blew up.

"I am so sick of hearing about him!" Kim said, throwing a pillow across her room. "It's like she's rubbing it in every time she comes over." "I know. I don't think she means to, but it's really annoying," I agreed. Kim sighed, blowing out a big breath.

"I can't stand it." "Me neither," I sighed, laying back on Kim's bed. She was facing one way, I was facing the other. "You know, it's a little embarrassing to admit, but I got so turned on listening to her tell us about those first few dates she had."

"Ugh…tell me about it. When she called that night and told me that she'd let him feel her up I went to bed and touched myself all night."

"Me too," I admitted. "I think the worst was the night she told us about letting him take off her shirt and bra. I was rubbing my legs together while she was talking. I thought I was gonna cum just listening to her tell us about it. That's the worst part. I know it's gonna be so good, but when am I ever gonna get a chance to feel a guy touch my boobs and kiss my nipples and stuff? When I move out?" I waited for Kim to say something, but she just lay there, quiet. I knew she was feeling pretty upset about it all, too, but it wasn't like her not to say anything at all.

"Something wrong?" I finally asked. She shook her head. "You sure?" I prodded, because I knew this wasn't like her at all. Kim was very outspoken, and sometimes got us both into trouble because of it. She sat up on her side, and looked at me. My face was just a few inches away from hers.

"Why does it have to be a guy?" she asked. "What would you think if it was a girl, instead?"

For a second, I almost thought about saying, "Eeew," because it seemed like the right thing to say. I mean, a girl's not supposed to want to have sex with another girl instead of a boy, right? But, when Kim said that to me, I didn't say anything until I pictured it in my head. And when I imagined it, it seemed pretty cool.

"I dunno," I finally admitted. "I guess it would feel just as good. But, wouldn't it be kinda weird?"
"I guess…" Kim said. I thought that was it, that she would let it drop. Then I realized that I didn't want her to. I wanted her to keep going.

"Why?" I asked, trying to keep her talking about it. I could feel the juices between my legs starting to come, making my
dripping pussy wet. I was thinking that Kim was probably as frustrated and horny as I was, and that maybe her pussy was getting wet too. How serious was she? Did she want to do it?

"I don't think it's fair that we should have to wait. You know, for a boy. I want to know how it feels. Right now."

"With me?" I asked, almost out of breath. Kim nodded. Her face was so close to mine that I knew we were going to kiss. Our first lesbian kiss, so to speak. And even though it did feel weird when her lips finally brushed mine, it felt good, too. My pussy was aching, and I was hornier than I had ever felt before. It didn't matter that I was making out with my best friend, the girl who I had gone to ballet lessons and grade school with, the girl I'd shared all my secret crushes with and who was with me at camp when I first got my period. It didn't matter, because when I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and her hand wrap itself in my hair, my hot pussy exploded!

"Oh Kim," I sighed, feeling her lips press down on the top and bottom of my tongue as she gently sucked it into her mouth. "This must be the hottest mouth to mouth action ever!" I thought.

"Touch me, Patty," she begged, pulling my hand to her chest. "My pussy is so tight!"

I could feel Kim's nipple getting hard between my fingertips. I didn't really know what to do, so I just did to her what I did to myself when I masturbated, rolling her nipple in between my finger and thumb. Kim rolled onto her side so we were facing each other, and hugged me. One of her knees was between my thighs, and she brought it up so that it was pressing into my pussy. I squeezed her knee between my thighs, and started pushing my hips into her so that I could feel it more. Kim pushed herself up onto her elbows, and sat up to take off her shirt, reaching for mine right after. She undid my bra, and my little A-cups were out in the open, my nipples hard as rocks, my skin all goose-pimply. Just looking at my perfect tits made Kim shudder a little, and I slipped my hands underneath her bra to slide it up over her head. Kim had a little more up top than I did, enough to fill a B-cup. Her boobs were really soft, except for her nipples, and she watched with her eyes open wide as I put my mouth over one of them, a real tits sucking fest.

Kim let out a little moan as I licked her hard little nipple, and played with her boobs with both hands. I looked down and saw her work a hand inside her panties, and I knew she was trying to make herself cum while I sucked on her boobies in unrelentless masturbation frenzy. I was feeling the same way, and if I wasn't rubbing both of Kim's boobs I probably would have been reaching for my clit, too.

"Oh Patty, please don't stop," Kim begged, her hand working her pussy like crazy underneath her panties. I promised not to, sucking first one nipple and then the other. Whenever I would switch, Kim would take a deep breath, then make a little cat sound as I worked her nips with my tongue.

Kim couldn't hold out any more, and fell away from me on to her back, shaking with her orgasm. I got on top of her, and continued to rub and kiss her tits while she slowly finished working her fingers downstairs. Finally, I kissed her on the mouth, and she worked her hand free from her panties. She was looking for someplace to wipe her wet, sticky fingers when I took her hand in mine and kissed them. I was feeling extra-naughty, and as Kim's mouth dropped open, I opened my lips and took her juice-covered fingers into my mouth. Kim gasped, and let me suck up all her pussy goo, before she kissed me again.

"Your turn," she said, and went right to it, lapping at my nips and rubbing me between the legs through my cotton undies with the palm of her hand. The sensation felt so good that I just lay there and enjoyed it. Occasionally, I would reach around Kim's back and squeeze her ass while she suckled my chest, and pretty soon she could tell I was feeling it. I was a little surprised when she slipped her hand into my panties, and started to part my pussy lips with the same fingers she fingered herself with before. They were still damp when she plunged her middle finger into my oozing slit, reaching up inside me to feel around for my special, sensitive spot. And she found it.

Feeling Kim's mouth on my boob and her hands between her legs was such a rush I didn't even have a chance to feel my orgasm building. It just hit me all of the sudden, so hard that my legs snapped together, trapping Kim's finger inside my tight hole. She didn't seem to mind how tightly I was squeezing her hand, because her thumb was rubbing directly on top of my clitty and that was keeping me cumming over and over again. I'd never been able to make my pussy cum like that with my own fingers, and I was hoping that Kimmy hadn't ever been able to, either. What an amazing feeling!

When I finally couldn't take any more and had to catch my breath, Kim tasted my pussy juice, then kissed me right on the mouth so we could both share it. It felt so nasty, tasting each other and ourselves at the same time, but it felt too good for either of us to care much. When we finished, we both agreed that we wouldn't go any further today, but that we would definitely try this again sometime.

Pretty soon, we know that Mary's gonna let Chris go down on her and lick her pussy. Maybe when she does, me and Kimmy will try it, too. After all, why should Mary have all the fun?—Louise and Jenny, Little Rock, AK.i

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